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The Vertyko

roofing work

Winner of the Global Industrie

«Outstanding achievement»

« Concern for man and his fate
must always form
the chief interest of all
technical endeavors. »

Albert Einstein

In our experience

a well-organized work environment and appropriate tools significantly increase workers’ efficiency and productivity, in addition to preserving their health.

The Vertyko is a Tools Organizer specially designed to make works at height easier

Securely hang it on various types of roofs, thanks to its patented safety hook and its adjustable stability arm. The Vertyko provides the workers with maximum comfort and safety by constantly displaying the tools within their reach and within their field of vision.

Vertyyko 3D
Le Vertyko

Keep your tools within easy reach


Lightweight & adaptable to many roof pitches (from 20° to 60°)


Top efficiency : productivity gain up to 90 %


Better organization
= increased safety


The Vertyko is an innovation from France !

Easy to handle, stable and durable :
the perfect tool for works at height

Winner of the Global Industrie

«outstanding achievement»

Roofing work and maintenance are among the construction industry’s most dangerous and demanding tasks. Not only are roofers constantly exposed to changing weather conditions, but they’re also always at risk of falling. The Vertyko is an innovative tool that, in addition to personal protective equipment, provides roofers and carpenters with increased safety, comfort and productivity.

Vertyko sur le toit

The Vertyko :
an investment that quickly pays off

Thanks to its patented fastening system, the Vertyko places the tools and accessories within easy reach, always at the proper height. By streamlining the workforce’s and hardware’s movements on the site, contractors will gain up to 90 % in productivity. Furthermore, this enhanced accessibility improves the workers’ stability and safety by sparing them unnecessary gestures.

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  • positive review  trop bien mais quel est ce outil merveilleux ? 😀

    Benoît Spihlmann Avatar Benoît Spihlmann
    9 October 2020

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