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The brand

The Vertyko was born from a mindful observation

Roofing work is demanding and hazardous. Professionals didn’t have an ergonomic tool suited to make working at height more efficient and faster.

The founders of Vertyko applied 35 years of combined experience in construction to devise the best tools for their trade. Benjamin Fritsch and Arnaud Lang came up with an innovative product which streamlines work on site and reduces the risk of dropping tools.


Increased performance behind an elegantly simple and functional design

The Vertyko is convenient and easy to set up. After several months of R&D, its creators achieved the perfect balance between ergonomy, robustness and portability. The result of this reflection is an invention of great effectiveness, intended to equip all construction projects.

There is an old saying that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. With the Vertyko, construction professionals will acknowledge those qualities on a daily basis. Not only will it increase their productivity, but it will also contribute to reduce the risks associated with working at heights.

When Efficiency goes together with Safety


«The Vertyko is a versatile Tool Organizer. It’s user-friendly, durable and minimizes repetitive materials handling and bad postures. Thanks to its ease of installation and adaptability, our invention facilitates the access to the tools and reduces the number of trips ».


The workers constantly adjust their way of working in order to limit physical constraints. That said, out of three, two of them still claim that they suffer from muscle pain. In addition to making work easier for construction workers, the Vertyko also contributes to reducing occupational hazards.