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The inventors

Introduce Yourself in a Few Words

We are Benjamin FRITSCH and Arnaud LANG. We’ve both been trained by the Compagnons du Devoir, and we also have similar visions and passions. We’ve been roofers for 25 and 12 years respectively.

I, Benjamin, first created a roofing company in 2008, then launched a second one in 2016 with Arnaud as partner. Since then, we have grown the idea of Vertyko. This has led us to stop our activity as roofers in order to fully devote ourselves to the development of a new range of tools for the roofing trade.

Tell us more about the concept of Vertyko. How did you get the idea to develop this product?

Did you know that some of the greatest discoveries were made by pure chance? The Post-it, the snowboard, the eraser or even the Velcro strip. Those inventions that changed our world and our way of life are all accidental. That’s when we talk about luck and serendipity.

For us though, as passionate Alsatian roofers and as friends and associates, our invention is a whole different story. We’ve made it our hobbyhorse, for any craftsman working at heights on an occasional or regular basis.
The prevention of professional risks, first of all, involves upstream reflection on the organization of the construction site and its installation, as well as the implementation of individual and collective protective measures.

When repairing a roof, we always think about the right choice of materials, in order to respect the environment, the setting and the architecture of a house or a building. During the installation of a work site, with those constraints in mind, we invented a vertical tool-holder support for roofing, a most original solution. Thanks to its unique design and features, when working on a roof, this tool holder combines comfort, safety, accessibility and, on the bottom line, profitability.

The main objective and interest of Vertyko’s design is to improve the working conditions for roofers and craftsmen at heights.

Thanks to its product innovation, the Vertyko facilitates accessibility to the tools and reduces the movements on a roof by limiting manual handling and inappropriate postures.