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The Vertyko

The Vertyko Tool Organizer

is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a patented mounting system. You can hang it to various types of roofs. It is made of two parts : the tool organizer and an adjustable stabilizer rod.


Weight : 1,8 kg


Length (Organizer + Arm) : 638 mm


Height : 180 mm


Diameter : 280 mm


Arm's Length : 410 mm


Maximum Load : 20 kg


4 storage compartments

le Vertyko 3D

Thanks to its plastic design, the Vertyko has an outstanding resistance to bad weather and corrosive fluids.

points forts du Vertyko

The Vertyko is supplied with 2 swappable rods. You can adapt it to various roof pitches (20 to 45 degrees and 45 to 60 degrees).

  • Quick assembly and dismantling with a clip system
  • Hang it to 25 to 60 mm wide beams with its positioning gib
  • Enhanced accessibility, visibility and security of the tools
  • An innovative “under the tiles” securing system prevents any risk of water infiltration
  • 4 compartments
  • Pierced bottom to evacuate fluids
les couleurs du Vertyko

Vertyko’s uses

The Vertyko is not just made for roofers and carpenters. It caters to the needs of any professional working on a roof or at heights. Painters, plasterers and solar panels installers alike will appreciate the Vertyko for its lightweight design and easy operation.

Vertyko mis en situation

The Vertyko in action



Up to 90 % of increase in productivity


Tools quickly and readily available


Light weight and easy to carry thanks to its handles


Better stability = enhanced safety


Made in France / Alsace